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1. In what ways, was Vinoba similar to Gandhiji ?(or) What does the author say is common between Gandhi and Vinoba?
A. i) they both lived simple lives
ii) they loved humanity
iii) their lives are dedicated to humanity
iv) they sacrificed their comforts for the poor and oppressed.
v) they both are similar in their dressing.
vi) they both used non-violence as their weapon.
All the above were practiced by both Gandhiji and Vinoba in their lives.

2. What had made Vinoba come out of his retirement?
A. Vinoba was 57 when Gandhi was assassinated. Having been inspired by the Mahatma, he came out of his retirement and served the poor but with his own dignity, emphasis and methods. So it was Gandhi's assassination that had made Vinoba come out of his -retirement.

3. Why did Vinoba refuse to attend the funeral of his mother?
A. Vinoba refused to attend his mother's funeral. He thought it was an act of casteism. Vinoba disliked casteism and rituals.

4. There are two reasons why a landlord would give away a part of his land. What are they? Which of them was acceptable to Vinoba?
A. The two reasons for which a land lord would give away a part of his land are
1. His approach to the rich is in a spirit of loving conciliation.
2. He made landlords believe that they are blessed to give than receive and the gift must spring from a change of heart.
Land given from a change of heart was acceptable to Vinoba.

5. Do you think Vinoba was a true disciple of Mahatma Gandhi? Why?
A. Vinoba lived the life of an ascetic. But he was different from other ascetics. He resisted pride of poverty which was the subtlest temptation of the saints. He goes on his own way calmly, never urging any one to follow his way of life. Thus Vinoba was a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi but not a blind follower.
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