The Stapletons of Merripit House

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Mr. Stapleton was the son of Rodger Baskerville, the younger brother of Charles. He changed his name many times. Being a Baskerville, he came to Devonshire with his wife, planning to inherit the Baskerville fortune. He explained Dr. Watson that his taste for Botany and Zoology had brought him to Devonshire. He passed his own wife (Mrs. Stapleton) for his sister to attract Sir Henry.

1. Why does Dr. Watson visit Grimpen Postmaster? What does he discover?
Watson visits Grimpen Postmaster to ask him if the telegram was given to Brrrymore personally. He discovered that the telegram was given to Mrs. Barrymore who said that Mr. Barrymore was in the loft.

2. Who does Miss Stapleton think Dr. Watson is? What does she tell him in secret?Miss Stapleton took Dr. Watson to be Sir Henry. She asked him to leave the place immediately and go back to London. When Dr. Watson said he had come only the previous day. She told him to take it as a warming.

3. What explanation does Stapleton give Watson for having settled in a 'gloomy' place like Devonshire?Stapleton told Watson that he had settled in Devonshire because the moor was a wonderful place. with some rare plants and butterflies in the hills there. Which keeps everyone refreshed with wonderful secrets. And Stapleton claimed to be a naturalist would like to settle is a gloomy place like Devonshire. One would never be tired of it. It held wonderful secrets. also Stapleton said he as a naturalist. There were some rare platnts and butterflies in the hills there.

4. Why did Dr. Watson first accept the invitation of Stapleton? Why did he later decline his invitation for lunch?Dr. Watson accepted the invitation of Stapleton because it was an occasion for him to watch Stapleton. Later, he declined his invitation to lunch because he was eager to get back to Sir Henry. The melancholy moor and the baying of the hound had saddened him. On top of it. Miss Stapleton's warning worried him a bit.
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