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1. Describe the Yew Alley? The Yew Alley was near Baskerville Hall and the moor is on its right. There are two lines of old hedge, four metres high and impenetrable. There is a wall in the centre two metres across and a strip of grass about two metres broad on either side. There is a wicket gate which leads to the moor.

2. "After Dr. Mortimer leaves Baker street, Watson also goes out" Why? Watson has felt that Holmes would think over the matter again and then decide which points were important for the case. So Watson has left in-order to provide Holmes solitude and seclusion.

3. Why does Mr. Mortimer feel that the thing is supernatural? (March 99) Dr. Mortimer could find fresh and clear foot prints of a gigantic hounds some distance away from Sir Charle's body. But there were no traces of the hound having approached the body. So he thinks that the thing is supernatural. In addition to this, several people have reported to have seen a creture on the moor which resembled Baskerville demon which couldn't be any animal known to science.

4. How does Holmes come to the conclusion that Charles had been frightened even before he gegan to run? (Oct 95) Sherlock Holmes concluded that while Charles was walking across the moor, he might have heard some sound similar to that of the hound of Baskerville. So he began to run for his life being frightened by the hound.

5. "Excellent, This is a colleague Watson after our own heart". Who was Holmes making these remarks about? What made him do so? (March 93)Holmes was making this remark about Dr. Mortimer. When Dr. Mortimer said that Sir Charles had stood near the gate for five or ten minutes. Holmes asked him how he knew that. Then Mortimer pointed that the ash had been dropped twice from Charles cigar near the gate. So Holmes was much impressed by his keen observation and made thiks remark, which he felt was necessary.

6. Sherlock Holmes says "we are faced with two questions" [Regarding the death of Sir Charles] what are they?The first question is whether any crime is committed at all Secondly, what is the crime and how was it committed.

7. How is Henry Baskerville entitled to inherit the property of Sir Charles Baskerville?
Sir Henry Baskerville is entitled to inherit the property of Sir Charles Baskerville because Charles' younger brother, Rodger Baskerville. died unmarried. Henry is the son of Charles second brother and the last Baskerville. Hence. Henry would be the only heir to the estate.

8. Why did Dr. Mortimer think it unsuitable for Sir Henry to stay at Baskerville Hall?Dr. Mortimer believed that there was some supernatural force behind the death of Sir Charles, and the stories he had heard from several inhabitants of the moor confirmed it. Besides, the old manuscript revealed that many members of the Baskeville family have had sudden unhappy and mysterious deaths. So Mortimer concluded that any heir who stayed at the Hall would die and therefore thought it unsuitable for Sir Henry to stay at the Baskerville Hall.

9. After Dr. Mortimer leaves baker street, Watson also goes out. Why? Watson knew that Holmes needed solitude and seclusion in those hours of intense concentration. He would think over the whole matter again, construct alternative theories and weigh them against each other. Then he would decide which points were important and which were immaterial. So Watson went out.
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