The Man on the Hill

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Franklan observed the moor through his telescope from the top of his house. He saw a boy carrying food. He thought that he was carrying food to Seldon, the convict. The villagers were eager to know the where abouts of the covict. Franland informed Watson about this, but Watson knew that Barrymore was carrying food to the convict. So he thought that he was in the danger of being found out. When Frankland told Watson that the food was taken to the convict by a child. Watson felt relieved. He wanted to find out who the mysterious man on the hill was and he reached the top of the hill. There was a hut which had a bit or roof on it, for protection against bad weather. Some blankets rolled up in awater proof were lying there. The ashes of fire were heaped up in a fire place. Beside it lay some cooking utensils and a bucket half fullof water. In the centre of the hut, on a flat stone, lay some tinned food and bread. Under them lay a sheet of paper on which "Dr. Watson has gone to Coomber Tracey" was written on it. Holmes went to the Devonshire disguising himself as the mysterious 'man on the hill' by giving an impression to the others that he was at Baker Street. He had been watching Stapleton's movements where as Cartwright had kept an eye on the findings of Dr. Watson.

1. Who is Laura Lyons? Where is she staying? What had happened to her marriage?Mrs. Laura Lyons was the daughter of Mr. Frankland of Lafter Hall and a neighbour of Sir Charles of Baskerville Hall. Laura stayed at the village of Coombe Tracy after her marriage with Lyons an artist, against her father's wishes. The marriage had failed and the artist had deserted her. Laura had instituted divorce proceedings against him and needed money for legal expenses. Since her father had refused to oblige, Stapleton and a few others.

2. What information does Dr. Watson get from Laura Lyons? Why does he feel that she has not told him the complete truth?Laura Lyons told Dr. Watson that she wrote once or twice to Sir Charles and had met him once or twice. She wrote to Charles to meet her but she did not keep the appointment because she got the help she needed from another source. She wanted to meet him the next day but he was dead. Dr. Watson felt that Laura Lyons was hiding some information because if what she said was the whole truth, she would have certainly met Sir Charles.

3. Frankland thinks he has gathered information that the police would be interested in. What is it? The police were on the look out for Selden. Frankland saw a boy taking food to the man living in one of the stone huts; he took the man for Selden. So he thought he had gathered some information that the police would be interested in.

4. Dr. Watson wants to find out who the mysterious man on the hill is. What does he discover inside the stranger's hideaway? Did you guess, who the mysterious stranger is? Dr. Watson went among the stone huts, one of which had a bit of roof on it. He thought it must be the mysterious man's hideaway. Walking in he found that it was a hut inhabited by an unknown person. He saw a sheet of paper with the words, "Dr. Watson has gone to Coombey Tracey" written on it.

There were two possibilities about the identity of the person. One was that he was the same as the person in the cab, who knew that Watson was doing some work in the case. The other was that he might be Sherlock Holmes keeping himself in the dark and investigating.
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