The Hound of the Baskervilles

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1. Describe what Watson sees through the window in Merripit House? Who is not in the room? Sir Henry and Stapleton were sitting at a table smoking. Stapleton was talking and seemed very excited. Sir Henry looked very pale. Stapleton left the room and went to the out house. There was a scuffling noise inside. Later, he went back to the house.

2. "Hist, look out! It is coming" Who is Holmes referring to? Describe briefly what happened next?Holmes referes to the Hound. It lept towards Sir Henry. Holmes. Watson and Lestrade were shocked. They had to let it pass. Recovering nerve. Holmes and Watson fired at it. But it did not stop. Sir Henry turned round, raised his hands and stared into it helplessly. It sprang on him, threw him to the ground and was reaching for his throat. Holmes emptied five rounds of his gun into the hound and it fell back dead.

3. Where does Miss Stapleton take Watson and Holmes the next mornig? Do they find Stapleton?Miss Stapleton took Watson and Holmes to the Grimpen Mire where Stapleton had his hide out but they did not find Stapleton any where.

4. What happened to Stapleton at last?On the morning, after the death of the Hound, Mrs. Stapleton took Holmes and Watson to Stapleton's hide out. They followed the path taken by Stapleton. After some distance, they found the old boot of Sir.Henry. They could not find Stapleton anywhere. They could not find any steps further. So, it was evident that Stapleton had been buried some where in the Grimpen Mire.
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