The First Patient

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1. The people waiting in the room all show their anxiety in different ways. How do they try to hide their anxiety? Give examples of two persons in the Play?
(March 2001, 1991, Sept 1993)
The patients tried to hide he anxiety by talking to one another about some unimportant and petty things. A woman (W 15) was showing the photographs to he other patients. Some one said that there was no need for worrying because the dentist knew what he had to do.

2. Of all the patients waiting, who tried to behave like the bravest? Was he/she really braver? (March 2006) The small boy called Maurice tried to behave as if he was very brave. But actually he was scared and tried to hide his fear by reading a magazine. He had not forgotten the pain he had experienced last time and so now decided to ask for an aneshesia. So he was not brave.

3. The play shows how people have fantastic ideas about dentists. Are they justified?The patients saw the nurse carrying hammer, pliers etc., into the surgery. Some sounds are heard from surgery. Dentist comes out and says that he is off to get someone who knows about the job. Hearing this all except one patient left the hall.

4. Why did the patients leave the doctor without consulting him?While they were waiting for the doctor, they saw the nurse taking a hammer, next some big pliers and later a hacksaw into the surgery room. They became anxious and were afraid of consulting the doctor. Moreover, they waited of a long time, but the doctor had not finished with the first patient. So, all the patients got disgusted and left the doctor one by one saying different pretexts.

5. What does the humour in the play, "The First Patient" depend on? The humour in the play, "The First Patient", dependas on misunderstanding on the part of the patients. The dentist lost the key of his instrument cabinet. In order to open the cabnet - a saw, a hammer and a large pair of pliers were taken in, while the first patient was waiting in the room. Other patients thought that the dentist was using the saw, the hammer and the pliers against the left the place in fear.
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