The Day The Viceroy Came

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1. Why was there a sense of occasion in the atmosphere on that day? The students were all well dressed. Sweets were distributed and they were all ready, lined up to welcome the Viceroy. All of them felt very important for they thought they were doing a great job. The children were bubbling with joy enjoying their holiday. So there was a sense of occasion and importance on that day.

2. The day the Viceroy was expected to visit the town was an important day. Who was it important for? For the school authorities? For the children? Why?The day was very important because the Viceroy was the most important government official. It was important for all the people in the town. The headmasters, teachers and students were specially expected to give a warm welcome to the Viceroy. The children were too young to realise the importance of his visit. The school authorities are supposed to feel responsible on that occasion.

3. There was a sense of occasion in the atmosphere on that day. How did the people concerned with the occasion show their self-importance? For example, why did the drill master feel so important? People like the drill master had felt so important because they were the organisers on such important days. The drill master was incharge of the arrangements and gave poor training to children. Even the headmaster consulted him and took his advice.

4. Why were the headmaster and teachers in a state of nervousness on the day the Viceroy arrived at their small town? The headmaster and the teachers of the school of the small town were in a state of nervousness because the Viceroy of India was alighting at the railway station and then driving though their town on his way to the Residency. The school children were reuired to line the street in a gesture of welcome This was issued in the form of an official circular to the school As such, the headmater and the teachers were keen to comply with the instructins as closely as possible. The Viceroy of India was regarded next to God during colonial days and the slightest oversight in complying with instructions regarding this even would have met with serious consequences. The headmaster and the teachers also felt that even the slightest mishap would be viewed as an instance of disloyalty to the British Crown and would show lack or respect towards the great dignitary. With so much at stake the headmaster and teachers wee very apprehensive and were in a state of nervousness.

5. Why did Gopal start playing with the ant? Did he feel that the ant was more important then the Viceroy? Why was he fascinated by it? (March 90, Sept88)
(or) Why did Gopal start playing with the ant insted of participating in the bustle to welcome the Voceroy?
'In The Day the Voceroy Came' by R.K. Laxman, he portrays the character of a boy. When there was a dealy in the arrival of the Viceroy, all the children began to droop (as it was a very hot day). The children squatted on the ground and wilted in the heat. Gopal like his companions felt languid and bored. When Gopal was about to resign himself to boredom he felt a ticklish sensation in his left leg. He saw a big black ant crawling up his leg. He jumped and managed to shake it off. But the ant truned around and charged towards him brandishing its whiskers. Repeatedly this act was performed both by Gopal and the ant. Whenever, Gopal pushed it off, the ant move towards him like an enemy tank in the battlefield. Thus Gopal engaged himself in playing with the ant without feeling bored.
Waiting for the Viceroy was boring whereas playing with the ant was interesting to the little boy.

6. Why had Gopal not seen the Viceroy? What did Gopal's mother ask him when he returned home? (or) What prevented Gopal from getting a good look at the Viceroy? (Sep 97, Mar2000)When Gopal heard the sound of the trumpets and the bank strike the British anthem, he dropped the twig and made ready to join his friends who had already rushed to he edge of the pavement, and were standing in a line. Just then he noticed that the ant that he had been playing with, to while away his time during the wait, was lost and he was filled with fright imagining that the ant had climbed up his sleeve and was nestled there. He frantically looked for it all over his coat unable to see even a trace of it. During that time, the cavalcade of the Viceroy, with the dignitary in it, had passed and the crowds were dispersing. Thus when Gopal joined his companions on the footpath, the Viceroy had gone and he had not been able to see the Viceroy.
At home his mother asked him if he had a good look at the Viceroy, to which Gopal had truthfully replied in the negative stating that he had been busy at that time.

7. What kind of challenge did the ant present to Gopal?Gopal first saw the ant crawling on him but manged to shake it off but it turned around itself and came towards him. He buried it in sand. But it came out of that and moved towards him like an enemy tank in the battle field. He then, pushed it way with a small twig but the ant moved towards his hand to climb on to his body. He flicked it away wildly and it landed far away and rolled in the dust. But it picked up the scent and moved towards him and thus presented a challenge to Gopal.

8. How did the people connected with the occasion of the viceroy's visit show their self importance?The children were dressed in their Sunday best. The drill master talked to the people authoritatively. The Headmaster sought his advise on many points. He was announcing the movements of the party of Viceroy. Thus every one looked self important.

9. Suppose Gopal's teacher had asked the questions which his mother asked him. Do you think he would have given the same reply? Why? or Why not? When Gopal's mother asked him whether he had seen the Viceroy, he answered that he had not. If his teacher had asked him the same question, he would have not given the same reply because he was supposed to stand in the line to welcome the Viceroy.

10. What do you think of Gopal finally? Would you like to say that he was (A) stupid, (B) Typical of boys of his age (C) Careless, (D) More grown up and intellignet than his classmates? (E) An ordinary boy with ordinary interests? Why one of the above from (A) to (E) described him well? Can you think of describing him differently?Gopal was typical of the boys of his age. We cannot think of him differently, because unmindful of his friend's presence and the arrival of the Viceroy, he played with the ant.

11. What does the sotry "The Day the Viceroy Came' tell us about the boy Gopal?Gopal is a typical boy of his age. He is uninterested in welcoming the Viceroy. Having waited for over an hour for his arrival he gets bored. All of sudden he finds an ant crawling up. What fascinates him much is its movements. So he is busy playing with it forgetting every other thing.

12. Why were Gopal's companions languid? They were viewed languidly, because they had to stand in lines at the railway station for a long time in the hot sun.

13. Why did Gopal jump about?They were about because a big black ant was crawling up his left leg and he felt a ticklish sensation.

14. How did he feel when he flicked the any away? He felt delighted when it was landed by him far away and rolled in the dust.

15. What did he do when it charged at him?When it charged at him, he threw a handful of sand on the charging ant.

16. Was Gopal's new tactics a success?No, it was not a success. The ant came out of the sand within no time.

17. What did Gopal hear suddenly at the station?Suddenly he heard a blare of trumpets and the band striking up 'God save the king'

18. Why was there a lot of rush and bustle around him? There was a lot of rush because the Voceroy has arrived and his friends were at the edge of the footpath.

19. Why did he shiver with fear?He shivered with fear at the thought that the ant could have got lost in his sleeves.
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