The Broken Threads

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1. Sir, Henry's new boot is returned to him and his old boot is stolen instead from the hotel in London. Why would anyone want a single old boot? Where did Holmes find it in the end? First a new boot was stolen. It was returned and a single old boot was stolen. This points out that there was a purpose which could not be served by a boot not at all put on, but only by a boot which was used by Henry. In the end Holmes found the boot in the middle of the quagmire. It was thrown away by Stapleton in his flight.

2. "House, land and dollars must go together" Who says this? Why?Sir Henry says this. He says so because he feels that the owner of the Hall of Baskerville should restore the glories of Baskerville and it is impossible if he as not enough money.

3. What were the three threads which Holmes hopes may help him solve the complex case? Does any one of these threads give him a lead? The three threads which Holmes hopes may help him solve the case are:
1) Who is the person following Sir Henry in the cab?
2) From which place the letter has been sent to Sir Henry? And
3) Is it Barrymore who is following Sir Henry? These three threads did not help him to get any lead.

4. Who is John Clayton? Can you briefly describe what he tells Holmes?John Clayton is the owner of the cab with No: 2704 in which the person following Sir Henry was travelling. He tells Holmes that a man who said he was a detective, hailed him in Trafalgar Square and offered him two guineas if he would do what he wanted for that day. Then they drove to Northumberland hotesl. When the two gentlle men came out, they followed them to Holmes' house. And again they followed them down Baker street, when suddenly the man asked him to take him to the Waterloo station. After reaching the station the man left saying he was Sherlock Holmes.
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