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Atoms and subatomic particles get disturbance in almost of all branches of physics. This
disturbance is nothing but a 'wave'. We are all familiar with water waves, sound waves, light
waves, radio waves and other electromagnetic waves. In this paragraph we confine our
attention to waves in deformable or elastic media. These waves, among which ordinary
sound waves in air are one example. They originate in the displacement of some portion of
an elastic medium from its normal position, causing it to oscillate about an equilibrium
position. Because of the elastic properties of the medium, the disturbance is transmitted
from one layer to the next. This disturbance (wave) consequently progress through the
medium. Note that medium itself does not move as a whole along with the wave motion, the
various parts of the medium oscillate. Only in limited paths. For example, in water waves,
small paper pieces or a cork show that the actual motion of various parts of the water is
slightly up and down and buck and forth. Yet the water waves move steadily along the water.
As they reach floating objects they set them in motion, thus transferring energy to the...
Energy can be transmitted over considerable distances by wave motion. One energy in the
waves is like the kinetic and potential energy of the matter, but the transmission of the
energy comes about by its being passed along from one part of the matter to the next, not
by any long range motion of the matter itself....>>>>>>>>>>>>

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