Sir Henry Baskerville

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1. Sir Henry would have visited Sherlock Holmes even if Dr. Mortimer had not arranged a meeting between them. Why? What are the two strange experiences he has? (oct, '92) Sir Henry received a letter addressed to him at Northumberland Hotel; saying. "As you value you life or your reason, keep away from the moor". It was a puzzle to him. He did not know who wrote it and why. They asked him to stay away from the moor. So he wanted to see Holmes.

The two strange experiences he had were (1) receiving the letter asking him to stay away from the moor and that (2) he lost his new boot which has not been put on so far.

2. Sherlock Holmes reads out an article on 'Free Trade' from 'The Times'. Why? Do the three listeners understand his intention? (88, 89, 91,98) On seing the letter Holmes found that the letter was composed of the words cut from 'The Times'. He concluded that it must have been the previous day's paper because the letter was posted on the previous evening. So he got the paper and began to read the article on Free Trade. The others could not understand his intention because they could not see any connection between the article and the letter. The word 'moor' was not there in the article so it was written in ink.

3. "As soon as Dr. Mortimer and Sir Henry Baskerville leave Baker Street. Holmes and Watson dress quickly and follow them". Why? What do they discover? (95, 97) After Dr. Mortimer and Henry left. It suddenly occurred to Holme that somebody must be following Sir. Henry from the time of his arrival in London. He also thought that a person should be following Sir Henry that day too. He wanted to find out who it was and so followed Sir Henry and Mortimer along with Dr. Watson. They discovered a bearded man in a cab. Before they could see who he was, he hurried away, closing the top of the cab hiding his identity.

4. Sherlock Holmes shows Cartwright the names of twenty-three hotels and asks him to visit each one of them in turn. Why? (92, 02) Sherlock Holmes thought that the person who sent the anonymous letter to Sir Henry the previous day must have been staying in one of the 23 hotels of the city. The person had cut the word from the 'The Times' paper to avoid detection of his hand writing So he asks Cartwright to visit each hotel to find out if the center page of 'The Times' with some holes cut in it with a scissors can be traced from the waste papers. Holmes hoped he would trace the culprit and find a solution to Sir Henry's problem.

5. How is Sir Henry entitled to inherit the property of Sir Charles? Sir Charles had two broghers, the youngest brother was Roger Baskerville. He left London for Central America and died. Henry is the son of Sir Charle's secon brogher and the last Baskerville. So Sir Henry is the only heir of the Baskerville family to inherit the property of Sir Charles.

6. If Sir Henry were to die, who would inherit his property? If Sir Henry would die, the Doesmonds who are distant cousins of Sir Charles would inherit his property. It would go to James Desmond an elderly clergyman in Westmoorland.

7. What reason did Holmes give for not going to Baskerville Hall with Sir Henry?Holmes said that he had his consulting practice to take care of. With constant appeals which come to him from many places it was impossible for him to be away from London for an indefinite period. And also he said if matter turn dangerous, he would try to present in person.

8. "A touch Watson, an undeniable touch" said Holmes. "He is as quick as me". Who is Holmes referring to? What is the touch he is referring to? Holmes is referring to the person who followed Sir Henry to Holme's House. Clayton told Holmes that the person whom he drove was Sherlock Holmes. The man knew what was going on. He was as quick in action in action as Holmes. This was the touch.
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