Second Report of Dr. Watson

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Selden, the escaped convict, was the brogher - in-law of Mr. Barrymore. He was hiding in the moor. Mr. Barrymore would hold a candle at a windo in the night. It was a signal to Selden that food was ready. A light on the moor was a signal to Barrymore that Seldon was at that place. Then. Mr. Barrymore would take him food. In the two reports Dr. Watson explained all these things to Sherlock Holmes.

1. Why does Sir Henry not want Dr. Watson to accompany him when he goes for a walk on the moor. What does Watson do?
Sir Henry does not want Dr. Watson to accompany him when he goes for a walk on the moor because he expects Miss. Stapleton to meet him in the moor. He feels that they can not have a free conversation, if there is a third person. But Watson followed them secretely.

2. Can you describe briefly what Dr. Watson witness from his hiding place?Dr. Watson saw Sir Henry and Miss Stapleton were walking slowly and appeared to be in deep conservation. A little later he saw Stapleton going towards them. Sir Henry put his arm around Miss. Stapelton's who seemed to be straining away. Suddenly both of them sprung apart. Stapleton ran towards them abusing and getting angrier with Sir Henry who tried to explain, but stapleton walked away with his sister and they both walked away.

3. What explanation does Stapleton gives Sir Henry for his rude behaviour?
Stapleton told Sir Henry that his sister was everything to him. They had always been together and he could not bear the idea of losing her. He was shocked when he saw her with Sir Henry and was not responsible for what he said. He regretted for his rudeness. He said that he realised that it was selfish and foolish of him to imagine her staying with him without marriage. He also said that if she had to marry it would be better to marry a neighbour like Henry. Stapleton requested Henry to give him three months time to get used to the idea. He said that Henry and Miss. Stapleton could be friendly meanwhile.

4. "It wasn't my secret, not a plot against you sir". Whose secret was it? What was the secret?
How did Mrs. Barrymore explain her husband's strange behavious? 
It was not the secret of Mr. Barrymore.
It was the secret of Selden, the escaped convict Mrs. Barrymore told Henry that her brother Selden was starving on the moor; their candle showed food was ready and a light in the moor showed the place where Selden was. Then her husband would take him food.

5. Who was Selden? What was the case against him? What is the relationship between the Barrymores and Selden?
Selden was the younger brother of Mrs. Barrymore. He was a spoilt child and as he grew up, he fell into bad company and ended up as a murderer. [Notting Hill Murderer] He killed the victim with senseless brutality. The police doubted his sanity. Selden escaped from prison and came to Mrs. Barrymore. Barrymores took him in and looked after him. If they get a sign of light from moor as an answer, Barrymore would take him food.

6. Why do Dr. Watson and Sir Henry want to capture Selden? What happens on the moor? Dr. Watson and Sir Henry wanted to capture Selden because he was a danger to the community. They were only doing their duty in capturing him. They armed themselves and went into the moor. On the way, they heard a moan followed by a loud howl. Sir Henry was frightened thinking, that the legend of the hound was true. Watson wondered if they should go back. But Henry refused to go back. Just then, they saw the convict's savage face. Immediately they sprang towards him. He screamed and hurled a stone at them and ran away. Dr. Watson wanted to shoot him in the leg. But gave up the idea of shooting an unarmed man. Selden disappeared eventually.

7. When Henry and Watson went to the moor to capture Selden, they saw a man standing on a hill. Who was this man? What was he doing on the moor?The man on the hill was Mr. Sherlock Holmes. He stood with his feet and his arms folded, his head bowed, as if he was brooding over the moor. He had been observing the persons and the facts related to the death of Sir Charles.
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