Mr. Sherlock Holmes

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1. How does Dr. Watson guess that the visitor is a doctor? Is he rightDr. Watson looked at the visitor's stick on whcih "To James Mortimer, F.R.C.S from the friends of the C.C.H. 1884" was engraved. By this engraving he guessed that the visitor is a doctor. He is right.

2. "Really Watson, you excel yourself. I must say that in all you have written about me and my small achievements you have always underrated your own abilities. Some people without actually possessing genius have a remarkable power of stimulating it" What does Holmes mean by this?Some people do not actually possess genius. But they have a power to show out that they are very intellignet. Here, Holmes means to say that Watson has drawn conclusions which are not quite correct.

3. "I would not lose that stick for the world" Who says this? Why? James Mortimer says this. He says so because he had a great liking for it. Moreover. It was presented to him by his friends at the time when he was leaving the Charing cross hospital into the country where he worked as the house surgeon.

4. What conclusions about the owner of the stick did Watson draw and how?
How did Dr. Watson describe the visitor by looking at his walking stick? Where did he go wrong? 
Dr. Mortimer was a successful, elderly medical man, and well respected. It was evident from the stick given to him as a mark of appreciation. The thick iron bottom was worn out From this, he concluded that he had done a great deal of walking with it. He was a country doctor because a town doctor would not use a stick. He also concluded that it must have been present to him by someone 'Hunt' from the letters C.C.H on it. 'H' for 'Hunt'.

5. What was the curse on the hous of Baskervilles?Many members of the family have had unhappy deaths which have been sudden, bloody and mysterious.
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