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♦ Kinematics is the branch of mechanics dealing with the motion of the bodies without
reference to either mass or force causing it.
♦ A body is said to be at rest, When it is not changing its position with time, with respect to
the surrounding.
♦ A body is said to be in motion. If it is changing its position with time, with respect to the
♦ Uniform Velocity: If a body travels equal distances in equal intervals of time, however
small these intervals may be along a straight line in a particular direction; then it is said to
be moving with uniform velocity .
♦ Acceleration: Acceleration in the rate of change of velocity of a particle.
Acceleration = Change velocity/Time.
Uniform Acceleration: If equal changes in velocity take place in equal intervals of time
however small these intervals of time may be then the body is said to be moving with
uniform acceleration.
♦ Equation of  motion of uniformly accelerated body along a straight line.
Let 'u' be its initial velocity i.e., the velocity at the start of the study of motion at t = 0
Let 'v' be its final velocity i.e., the velocity after time 't' has passed.
'a' its uniform acceleration and 's' is the distance travelled by it in time 't'
♦ Particle: A Particle is a small portion matter without extent. Mathematically, it is denoted
by a point.
♦ Scalar: Physical Quantity which has only magnitude and direction is known as vector
ex: Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration, Force, Weight etc.
♦ Distance and Displacement: The total length of the path of a particle. During its motions
is called the distance covered by it. 
Suppose a particle has changed its position suppose a particle has changed from A
(initial Position) to the position B (Final Position) form following diagram.

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