Fixing the Nets

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1. Sherlock Holmes appears to be very interested in Hugo Baskervilles portrait. Why? Does Watson immediately realize, What Holmes is trying to suggest? (Or) How did Sherlock Holmes deduce the resemblance of Hugo with Stapleton?While having dinner at the Baskerville Hall along with Sir Henry and Watson. Sherlock Holmes was started by a particular portrait in the series of family portraits of the Baskervilles. After finishing his dinner Holmes took Watson to study the same. The portrait belonged to Hugo. The face was prim and hard. He had a firm set, thin - lipped mouth and cold, intolerant eyes. He sported curly love - locks on either side of his face. Though the jaws resembled Sir Henry's Sherlock Holmes found a strong resembalance to Stapleton in Hugo's portrait once he had covered the hat and ringlets. He could then guess that Stapleton was a Baskerville.
No, Watson does not immediately realise, what Holmes is trying to suggest.

2. Does Sherlock Holmes really intend going back to London? What did he tell the baronet to do? Sherlock Holmes does not really intend going to London. He told the baronet to tell Stapleton that Watson and Holmes had gone to London. He also asked him to send his vehicle back as soon as he got to their house to make him believe that he intended to go to the Hall on foot.

3. Why did Holmes ask cartwright to send a telegram to Sir Henry from London?Holmes asked cartwright to send a telegram to Sir Henry from London, because he wanted the Stapletons to believe, that he had left for London. The telegram from London would remove any suspicion they (Stapletons) might still have.

4. What was Laura Lyon's reaction when Holmes told her that Stapleton was a married man? What information did she give him? When Holmes told her that Stapleton was a married man, she was shocked and got wild. She said that Stapleton had cheated her. She did not see why she should be faithful to him.
She admitted having written the letter to Sir Charles. It was dictated to her by Stapleton. After it was posted, Stapleton asked her not to keep the appointment saying it would hurt his self-respect if any other man paid expenses to her.
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