First Report of Dr. Watson

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Mrs. Stapleton knew her husband was plotting against the life of Sir Henry. She was good by nature. So, she had already warned the baronet through her letter but the ignored it and came over to the Baskerville Hall. Once she mistook r. Watson for Sir Henry and warned him to return to London.

1. When Dr. Watson follows Barrymore in the middle of the night, what does he find him doing? Barrymore took a candle and entered a room at the farther end of the corridor. He crouched at the window with the candle held against the glass. He was staring into the moor. He stood there for a few minutes. Then he gave a groan and put out the light. Later he went back to his room.

2. What is the most God forsaken place according to Dr. Watson? What does he say about the place?
The most God forsaken place according to Dr. Watson is Baskerville Hall and the moor. He says that the more one stays there, the more one gets involved in the moor and it's gloomy charm.

3. What did the people think had happened to the escaped convict? Why did they think so? The people thought that the escaped convict had left the place. They thought so because though he could hide himself in any stone hut there, there was nothing to eat unless he killed a sheep there. They thought he had gone and were happy and sleeping better.

4. What did Watson tell Holems about Frankland? Give a short account of Frankland?Frankland lived about four miles away from the Baskerville Hall. He was an elderly gentleman with red face and bad temper. He was fond or fighting and litigation. He spent a lot of money on litigation. At that time he was an amateur astronomer. He hoped to spot the escaped convict.
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