Extract from the Diary of Dr. Watson

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The contents of the diary which was written on 16th October by Dr. Watson.
As Selden was a public danger, Sir Henry wanted to catch hold of him. But Barrymore assured him that Seldon wouldn't break into any one's home. He requested Sir Henry that Seldon would go to South America as soon as the arrangements were made. Sir Henry promised to leave Seldon on his reuest. As Barrymore felt very happy with the assurance of Sir Henry, he told something about the death of Sir Charles. He told him that Sir Charles received a letter earlier in the day of his death, from a woman in Coombe Tracey requesting him to come to the wicket- gate by ten O'clock in the night and it was signed L.L. But he didn't know what L.L. Stands for.
The contents of the diary which was written on 17th October by Dr. Watson.

Dr. Morimer said that L.L. are the initials of Laura Lyons, the daughter of Frank land and lives in Comba Tracey Dr. Watson decided to go and meet Laura Lyons the next day to get some information from her. When he met her, she told that Mr. Stapleton presented himself as a Bachelor to her and promised to marry if she divorced her husband. He asked her to write a letter to Sir Charles seeking his help in meeting the legal expenses in her divorce case. So, she took dictation from Stapleton and wrote a note to Sir Charles asking him to meet her at the Moor gate.

1. What are the incidents from the diary of Dr. Watson feel that Sir Henry and he are living in the presence of danger?The death of Sir Charles fulfilled the conditions of the family legend. Peasants reported having seen a strange creature on the moor. Dr. Watson had himself twice heard the baying of a hound. Then there was the man in the cab who had followed them in London and the letter warning Sir. Henry to stay away from the moor. There was the stranger on the hill who might possibly be the man following them. All these have made Watson feel that Sir Henry and he were in danger.

2. "How could you conceal such an important information"? says Sir Henry Waht is the information that Barrymore has with held? Why does he now share it with Sir Henry?Barrymore told Sir Henry that on the night Sir Charles died, he went to meet a woman at the moor gate. He had received a letter from a woman in Coombey Tracey requesting Sir Charles to be at the gate by 10'0 clock and it was signed by L.L. This was the information withheld by Barrymore. Now he shares it with Sir Henry because Henry promised to let his brother - in - law, Selden alone.

3. What information did Barrymore give Watson about the man on the hill?Barrymore told Dr. Watson that his brother-in-law Selden had seen the man on the hill once or twice. He was a kind of gentleman and lives in one of the stone huts. A lad would give him all the needed and he went to Coombey Tracey for lther things. Holmes asked Watson to forgive him if he had accompanied Watson, his presence would have warned their enemy.

4. Sherlock Holmes thinks Laura Lyons might help him once she knows the truth about Stapleton's identify. Why? How will she help them? Laura Lyons hoped to marry Stapleton when she had divorced her husband. Once, she knew that Stapleton was married, she would certainly get wild with him and tell them how he had used her.

5. Why did Watson and Holmes think that the dead man was Sir. Henry? How did they find out who he really was?Watson and Holmes thought that the dead man was Sir. Henry from the dress worn by the dead man. While they were discussing how to take the body to the Hall, Holmes bent over the body and found he had a beard and confirmed it was Selden.

6. What is Stapleton's immediate reaction when he sees that the dead man is not Sir. Henry? is he satisfied when Holmes tells him Selden must have died? Why? When Stapleton saw that dead man was not Sir. Henry he was subdued with a sudden feeling of disappointment. It was quite evident from a sharp in-take of breath and the cigar falling from his hands.
He was not quite satisfied, when he heard that Selden must have died by falling over the rocks. He asked them if they had heard anything other than Selden's cry.

7. Why could not Holmes arrest Stapleton immediately after Selden's murder?Holmes could not arrest Stapleton immediately because they had nothing to prove against him. The court would laugh at them if the legendary dog was dragged into the case.
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