Death on the Moor

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Sherlock Holmes had seen the stub of a cigarette marked 'Bradley, Oxfor Street' The he knew that Watson was saiting for him in the hut as he always smoked that brand of cigarette. Watson was hurt and said that Holmes has used him and not trusted him. Holmes explained that their work would become easier by working on parallel lines. He informed that the lady who was passing as Stapleton's sister was actually his wife. Watson asked whether Holmes was sure of that and what the need for that deception was. While they were walking on the moor they heard a long yell of horror and pain. There was a deep manacing sound of the hound. They found a man dead with a reddish suit on him. That belonged to Sir Henry. They thought that the dead man was Sir Henry. Holmes examined the body and found the dead man with a beard. He was Seldon, the convict. Holmes cried and danced in joy. Holmes and Watson knew that Stapleton tried on the life of Selden mistaking him for Sir Henry. Sir Henry lent his suit to Barrymore and he passed it on to Seldon. Stapleton used the old mission boot of Sir Henry as a scent for the hound. So it attacked seldon in the clothes of Sir Henry. Holmes and Watson replied to the question of Stapleton that Seldon, while running wild on the moor must have fallen and broken his neck since they didn't like to give any hint of their suspicion about Stapleton.

1. "You have used me and not trusted me". "Then all my reports have wasted" says Watson. Why do you think Watson is hurt? What explanation does Holmes give for not having "treated" Watson?Dr. Watson was hurt because he felt that he was not taken into confidence by Sherlock Holmes. Holmes asked him to follow Sir Henry and gather information. At the same time, Holmes himself was gathering information secretly.

2. Why could not Holmes arrest Stapleton immediatlely?Sherlock Holmes could not arrest Stapleton because in both the attacks instigated by Stapleton there was no evidence of a physical attack by the hound either on the body of Sir Charles or on Selden. The deaths were mainly attributed to fear and shock due to the appearance of a diabolical hound. This particular fact cannot be established in any court since, the chain of events that caused death left no clues which could force a jury to incriminate Stapleton.

3. "Good Heavens Holmes. Are you sure? But why this deceptior?" I asked. What was Stapleton's deception? What did he hope to get by this deception?The above lines spoken by Dr. Watson express a complete surprise at a revelation made to him by Holmes. Holmes told Watson that the lady whom Stapleton introduced as his sister was none other than his wife Beryl, a girl from Costa Rica. The reason behind this deception was that Stapleton thought that she would be more useful to him as a free woman rather than as his wife.
Stapleton, who infact was a Baskerville himself who was keen to appropriate the fortune of Sir Charles Baskerville. Realising that only two people of the Baskerville family stood in the way of his usurpation, he began to make plans to eliminate them. With Sir Charles's poor medical history, Stapleton was successful easily, with Sir Henry, a young bachelor, he realized that using his wife as decoy, he would draw Sir Henry into their company and succed in setting the vicious hound upon him. Thus Stapleton deceived the world the by posing that they were siblings instead of a married couple.
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