Baskerville Hall

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1. Sherlock Holmes tells Watson to study and watch all the people who live around Sir Henry Baskerville. Make a list of the people he names? The Barrymores, two moorland farmers, the groom at the Hall, Dr. Mortimer and his wife Stapleton and his sister, Mr. Frankland of Lafter Hall and one or two other neighbours.

2. What advice did Holmes give Henry as he was going to Bakserville?Holmes advised Henry to be always with Watson. And also he advised Henry to avoid roaming on the moor alone after dark when the powers of evil were at their peak.

3. Why are soldiers posted at different places at the time Sir Henry arrives in Devonshire? A dangerous criminal named Selden, who had been sentenced to life imprisonment escaped from Princetown. It was thought that he might perhaps be somewhere in those parts. So soldiers were posted to watch every road and every station in the area.

4. Describe Baskerville Hall? Baskerville Hall was a large room panelled with Oak. The wooden beams were black with age. A square gallery ran round the top of the old Hall. It could be approached by a double stair. Two long corridor extended the whole length of the building. The bed rooms opened from them. They were more modern and brighter than the central part of the house. The dinning room was long and dark.

5. On their first night at the Baskerville Hall, Dr. Watson and Henry heard a woman crying? Who was crying? Why was she crying? Ans: Mrs. Barrymore was crying because she was worried about the safety of her brogher Selden, the escaped criminal.
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