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1. Who was Stapleton? Why did he want to wipe out the rest of the Baskerville family?Stapleton's original name was Rodger. He was the son of Rodger Baskerville, younger brother of Charles, who fled to South America to escape Stapleton began to make enquiries about the Baskerville family. He found out that only two lives stood between him and Baskerville fortune. So he wanted to wipe off the Baskerville family to inherit the wealth and property.

2. If Stapleton had succeeded in his evil plan and inherited Baskerville Hall, how would he have proved his innocence?a) He could have claimed the property from South America. He could establish his identity before the British authorities there and obtain the fortune without coming to England.
b) He could have adopted and elaborate disguise during the short period he needed to be in London.
c) He could have furnished an accomplice with proofs and papers, putting him as heir.

3. Holmes devised a plan to catch Stapleton red-handed. What were the two things he did not foresee?Holmes plan was catch Stapleton red-handed. The two things he did not foresee were:
a) The dog was monstrous and diabolical.
b) He did not predict the fog which enabled the dog to burst on them at a very short notice.

4. Why did Vandeleur leave for South England?Vandeleur opened a school in York Shire. It began well, but later lost all its reputation. Vedeleurs then changed their name to "Stapleton". Then he left to South England with the remains of his fortunes.

5. At what point in the story did Holmes get suspicious about the Stapletons? How did he know that he was dealing with the hound?Holmes examined the paper on which the printed words had been stuck. He got a faint smell of jasmine. The perfume suggested that a lady was involved and his thought turned to Stapletons. It was essential for Stapleton to get some article of Sir Henry's in case he had to us the dog. When Sir Henry's old boot was stolen. Holmes concluded that they were dealing with a real hound.

6. Where did Stapleton buy the hound? How did he bring it to Devonshire? Where did he hide it?Stapleton bought the hound from a reputed dealer in London. He brought it by the North Devon railway line and hid it on an island in the Grimpenmire.
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